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Andra Schonfeld

Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Consultant
Rehabilitation Consultant, Medical Exercise Specialist

At BodyStyle we are committed to enhancing the overall health and quality of life of our clients.
Our professionally Certified Personal Trainers have the expertise to offer the motivation, education, guidance and individual instruction required to achieve personal fitness goals.
Our Post Rehabilitation Consultants have University Education in Physical Therapy and substantial working experience. They apply the appropriate exercise therapy to the specific area of the body that needs to be rehabilitated.
We believe that through our Customized Personal Fitness or Rehabilitation Program, our clients will achieve their needs and goals and in the process they will enhance their quality of life.

1. Personal Training
2. Fitness  Assessments & Program Design
3. Post Rehabilitation Specific Training that addresses Muskuloskeletal Injuries and Imbalances
4. Corrective  Exercises for Postural Imbalances
5. Body Toning and Sculpting
6. Weight Management
7. Health Related Appraisal and Counselling 


BodyStyle Fitness
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416 822 0280

Schedule of Fees, Group Sessions and Corporate Rates are available upon request.
Gift Certificates are also available.
* Cancellation of any Personal Training or Post Rehab Session requires 24 hours notice.
Our Trainers carry Trainer Liability Insurance. Certificate is available upon request.

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